Hope Springs at Wordsworth

Hope Springs at Wordsworth is an acute partial hospitalization program for children ages 5-13 who are in acute crisis and cannot be managed in their regular daytime settings and routine. It provides the structure and security of a daily treatment program without a residential component.

A Safe Place to Stabilize

Located on the edge of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, Hope Springs is located near public transportation, offering family members easy access for intake appointments and family therapy sessions.

The program offers a safe, child-friendly environment with ample indoor and outdoor recreation spaces. Students are served a healthy lunch each day.

Hope Springs provides a high intensity of psychiatric treatment including daily evaluation, medication management, multi-disciplinary treatment and rehabilitative/recreational services. Multi-disciplinary treatment includes family therapy and coordination of all services being received by the child and family.

The services incorporate clinical treatment, psychiatry, nursing, and recreational support including:

• Psychotherapy groups

• Individual and family therapy

• Psycho-educational groups focusing on coping skills

• Social skills

• Self-esteem and anger management therapies

• Art, movement, music, and play therapies

• Behavioral modification

• Psychiatric services (including medication management)

• Case management


Trauma-Informed Behavioral Therapy

Therapists address the emotional/behavioral needs of each child within a trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy format. Wordsworth is committed to maintaining a culture within which healing from traumatic experiences can occur. Wordsworth is certified in The Sanctuary Model®, an evidence-supported organizational approach for creating a safe environment for the children and families and the staff who serve them.


Education Program

While receiving treatment for emotional and behavioral disorders, students continue to earn education credits while working with certified teachers in the program. Our goal is to provide Pennsylvania State Standard based instruction while students are receiving therapeutic treatments using a curriculum that is aligned with PA state standards and incorporates work from each student’s home school.

Wordsworth teachers use current instructional practices to maintain and advance students’ content knowledge and skill levels. Educational liaisons communicate with home schools to share information and communicate around specialized educational needs and progress.


Animal Assisted Therapy

Wordsworth offers a unique animal assisted therapy program where children can learn to be nurturing and kind to animals that may also have a history of abuse and neglect. This has proven to be an effective tool in reaching children who have historically not responded well to traditional treatment methods and helps them to establish relationships based on trust.


For questions, or to schedule an evaluation or tour, please contact out Admissions Coordinators:

Hope Springs (located at Wordsworth Ford Road)
Amber Taylor
215-643-5400, ext. 4638

Hope Springs West (located at 801 N. 48th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139)
Angenique Thornton
215-643-5400, ext. 6002