Family First (Foster Care)

Among our most critical needs are homes for children who have been removed from their homes for safety or other concerns. At Wordsworth, our Family First program provides homes with families who meet the physical, educational, emotional, and social needs of each child.

Case managers collaborate with the child, their biological family (whenever possible), the foster parents, and the placing agency to work toward achieving a permanent home through reunification with their family, adoption, or permanent legal custodianship.

Our Treatment Foster Care program provides safe, caring families for children exhibiting more serious behavioral and/or emotional needs who have been removed from their homes due to safety concerns. This program provides increased supports to children, their families, and the foster families in order to address all of the child’s emotional, behavioral, physical, social, and academic needs.

Our Community Residential Rehabilitation/Host Home (CRR/HH) provides community based residential services to children and adolescents with significant behavioral health issues who are unable to live in their biological or surrogate homes. This program is an alternative to more restrictive residential placement, as youth in the program participate in services while living with specially trained “host home” families in community settings.

For more information on these services, or to open your home and possibly become a foster parent, please contact Wordsworth’s Family First Program Director, 215-643-5400, Ext. 4388.