Family-Based Mental Health

Family Based Mental Health Services is an intensive, team delivered service consisting of family therapy, case management, and family support services delivered to the family in their own home.

The goal of the program is to prevent out-of-home placement of children and adolescents with serious emotional issues by helping families develop more effective strategies for meeting the behavioral and emotional needs of its members.

Services include in-home family and individual therapy, family education and skill building, case management and resource development, 24/7 crisis intervention services, and the option for medication management with a child and adolescent psychiatrist if the family is interested.

Wordsworth has family based teams that specialize in providing services to families impacted by trauma, families that are managing ongoing medical issues, and Spanish speaking families.For more information, please contact Wordsworth’s FBMH Program Director, at 215-643-5400, Ext. 4640.