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Tasha was referred to Wordsworth’s Residential Treatment Program when she was 12 years old. Wordsworth provided Tasha with the structure and support she needed for her mood swings, multiple losses and depression. Since leaving Wordsworth Tasha reunited with her family, graduated from Bishop McDevitt high school and now attends Villanova University. 

Due to his biological mother’s addiction, Michael had been in multiple foster placements for 9 years. His behavior in the foster homes had become out of control. Michael received treatment through Wordsworth Foster Care. Now 20, Michael graduated at the top of his high school class and attends college. 

The Philadelphia Department of Human Services referred Shayna to Wordsworth’s Residential Continuum Treatment Program when she was 16 years old. Shayna had a history of molestation, behavioral problems and chronic depression all of which were treated at Wordsworth. Today Shayna is the proud mother of 2 and works as a medical assistant at St. Christopher’s Hospital for children. 

After being asked to leave his group home for assaulting a female resident, Jeffrey was placed in a shelter. He was then charged and put in the dependency system, but his family’s inconsistent involvement and inability to control him brought him to Wordsworth; he was later discharged to the care of his parents. In 2009 Jeffrey graduated from Douglass high school and he is currently pursuing a degree in Chemistry at Temple University. 

At 14 Leslie was described as rude, disrespectful to her foster parents and acted with disregard to parental rules and authority. The Philadelphia Department of Human Services referred Leslie to Wordsworth’s Residential Program, where she lived for two years. Leslie then moved to Wordsworth’s Approved Private School, where she graduated with a scholarship and the principal award. According to Leslie, “Wordsworth helped me straighten my life out and prioritize my future.”  

Described as hyperactive, loud and aggressive, Mitchell was suspended from A.B. Day Elementary school on multiple occasions and he was hospitalized on four occasions for depressive behaviors. The Philadelphia Department of Human Services referred Mitchell to Wordsworth’s Residential Treatment Program when he was 12 years old. He was discharged to his grandmother’s care and has since graduated high school from Green Tree APS at the top of his class. Mitchell currently attends college. 

Natasha suffered from a severe and recurrent case of major depressive disorder, which caused her to be argumentative, disruptive and defiant and to run away at times. The Belmont Hospital referred Natasha to Wordsworth’s Residential Treatment Program, where she was hospitalized. At Wordsworth Natasha received treatment for depressive symptomatology and poor impulse control. Since leaving Wordsworth Natasha received her G.E.D. certificate and M.A. (Medical Assistant) certificate. She is currently working as a caregiver in a group home with mentally disabled teens and hopes to enroll in cosmetology school. 

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