The CUA 5 Morale Committee has been working hard to create a relaxing space for staff to de-stress and regroup during their work day. 

Thanks to the committee and the project manager, Enazshia Carson-Russell, employees now have a place to step away sip some tea or coffee; and take a breath before returning to work. 

The chairs and tables have been covered; a lovely area rug serves as an eye-catching centerpiece; inspirational artwork adorns the walls; and flower vases on each table to give a sense of spring and serenity! Enazshia, with the help of Bridgette Paris and Rayanna Hall, have certainly outdone themselves with the décor on a VERY nominal budget.  

On behalf of the Morale Committee, we proudly and respectfully dedicate this project to our fallen heroes:

Mr. Emmanuel Collazo (Cohort 3) and Mr. Victor Scurry (Intake Department)