We had the chance to catch up with Community Advisory Board (CAB) Chairman, Pastor Stanton, as he prepared for their monthly meeting. We chatted about why he is involved with Wordsworth, and what the vision of the CAB is.

What is the CAB?
The CAB is made up of a well rounded group of 12 members who are all stakeholders in our community – police officers, activists, business owners, and residents.

What is the goal of the CAB?
CAB members represent our community. They act as a liaison between the community and Wordsworth’s CUA 10. Because they have a hands-on relationship with the community, the CAB advises the CUA on best practices and helps them make educated decisions. Everyone is working to further the shared mission of Wordsworth and the CAB – to support communities and strengthen families. You’ll see CAB members out in our neighborhood, and at our Parent Cafe’s and events that take place multiple times a month.

What makes Pastor Stanton interested in the CAB?
Pastor Stanton has been involved with the CAB since its inception 4 years ago, but has been working in our community for over 15 years. He has a heart for helping people and knows it’s easier to have a greater impact if we work together. In addition to his work with the CAB, he is the Senior Pastor of The Revelation Center. He inspires people to live better lives and is committed to bettering the community.

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